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What drives retention? The SplitIndex© Approach

The chart is aimed at finding the dimensions that differentiate between employees looking to leave the company Vs. those inclined to stay. This is done by splitting the population that answered the survey into 2 groups, and calculating the dimensions’ score for each group

The blue line represents the Engaged group (having scored high in the engagement indicators), while the red line represents the Less Engaged group (having scored relatively low in the engagement indicators)

As expected, the blue line is higher for all the dimensions than the red lines, as more engaged employees tend to display more positive attitude across the survey topics. Note that the 2 lines follow approximately the same curvatures as each dimension has a typical rating level. The 2 lines look consequently parallel, but a closer look will disclose that they are not completely parallel!

We calculate the distance between the lines (SplitIndex© ), and we assume that the dimensions which truly affect the engagement, should exhibit a larger distance than the other dimensions as these dimensions act as the true differentiators between the engaged employees and the less engaged ones. The columns in the chart stand for the distance between the lines

The SplitIndex© is a technique developed by this survey author

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