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Online reporting systems- The current practice dashboard approach

Most of the online survey reporting systems in the market are based on a standard dashboard technology


It consist mainly on a long series of more or less similar views displaying the distribution of the survey various questions with "rich" advanced filtering and sorting capabilities. A standard view may look like this:-



























While this approach is well adapted to dynamic transactional environment (as in banking and logistics) and is relatively easy to implement with SQL technology, it poorly fits engagement survey data :-


  • The manager is confronted at such a report at most once a year, making the navigation quite difficult to learn


  • The views are very standard, repetitive and not very appealing


  • Technological constrainsts make it quite difficult to properly display comprehensively trends and other comparisons


  • The report is not buit around an intuitive model and flow


  • The "richness" of views and filtering capabilities may turn into a disadvantage as the average manager may find the amount of data overwhelming 











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