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Excel tools developped by Metrics institue to support data analysts
























Create presentations directly from Excel by taking advantage of the amazing transfer of hundreds of charts and tables at once in any format to PowerPoint and 5 other applications

DashboardPlus  adds to Microsoft® Excel® the ability to create professional executive  dashboards, making it an affordable and a very flexible tool for generating appealing  dashboards linked dynamically to Excel values


Managers and data analysts may find in DashboardPlus the tool of choice  they have looking for  creating easily within a very short time, dynamic dashboards within Excel , the most widspread "BI" tool in the industry


DashboardPlus offers 13 sorts of genuine dashboard components, including dial gauges, and a console on which to drop the components and link them dynamically to Excel cells values


Despite its modest price,  DashboardPlus may be used for designing within Excel complex and highly dynamic dashboards that only expensive BI systems may have allowed otherwise 




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